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The Advanced Guitar Practice E-Book was designed to give you the tools and exercises you need to effortlessly improvise across the fretboard.

➡️ In addition to the E-Book (in PDF Format) you will have access to reference videos demonstrating and explaining the exercises in the e-book!

The Advanced Guitar Practice e-Book covers essential elements for creation.

When you write music, solo and interact with others musicians you use a musical language. These exercises are going to highlight the tools you need to allow more freedom on the guitar, and how to express yourself through the language of music.

Some of these exercises are things you may have heard about BUT, we need to really need to pay attention certain things, such as being able to hear the tensions and release, be aware of the notes and only then we can really make serious progress.

In this e-book you will learn about triads, arpeggios, 7th chord arpeggios in multiple ways, including some chromatic ideas and scale concepts.

These exercises stand as the very foundations of improvisation. This is the next step of mapping the fingerboard and I feel they will open a lot of doors for those who are willing to dive in.

Advanced Exercises

Perfect for intermediate and advanced players that want to solidify their playing and improvisation.

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The Advanced Practice E-Book Includes:

✔30 Pages of Exercises To Help You Master the Fretboard and Freely Improvise

✔Reference Videos for Every Exercise

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